There are two options for most of our treatment programs: standard and personalized. For some programs only personalized option is available

Standard programs are designed to cover the most commonly identified system failures. They help to provide quick and effective relief to the body.

Personalized programs involve complex genetic and molecular diagnostics, the results of which are studied by RCLIN’s multidisciplinary team that develops personalized treatments to correct the dysfunctions and achieve a long-lasting positive effect.


At RCLIN we believe that molecular medicine is the key to personalized health, which helps to prevent and treat diseases much better than the “one-size-fits-all” approach. RCLIN's Center for Molecular Medicine provides patient-specific programs that work to address the underlying causes of diseases in the most effective and health enhancing way.


RCLIN is specializing in molecular medicine. Our multidisciplinary team of lab technicians and medical doctors, bio scientists and pharmacologists looks at physical, chemical, and biological make up of each individual patient to understand the unique cellular interactions and identify any molecular and genetic errors that may lead to or have already caused a disease.


It is our commitment to provide our patients with access to the best medical knowledge and technology available today. We believe in a multifaceted approach to every case, combining the knowledge of world’s leading doctors, bio scientists, research and laboratory experts, as well as tailored advice by the nutritionists and pharmacists.


There is a lot of talk about personalized medicine. Nevertheless, for many it is still not clear what exactly it means. People often ask: “What is personalized treatment?” At RCLIN, the answer is very simple – it is a treatment that is designed for an individual patient based on the detailed examinations of the patient’s genetic, molecular and cellular compositions and interactions.