RCLIN’s Clinic for Molecular Medicine offers various laboratory tests, with a special emphasis on molecular and genetic testing provided by our partner laboratories based in Switzerland, the EU and the United States.

General laboratory tests are performed by the Clinic’s laboratory located in the same building and normally are ready the same day, if not immediately.

Our international laboratory scientists support development of personalized programs by providing their expert opinions related to examination and treatment protocols, in particular:

  • general clinical lab tests;

  • molecular diagnostics focusing on cellular activities and biochemical reactions related to specific areas of concern;

  • identification of correlations between various factors that can cause aging, as well as evaluating the impact of external and internal environments on biochemical and cellular instability;

  • participation in the analysis and multidisciplinary examination of the patient’s test results, explanation of identified health risks and contributions to the identification of the most effective and complementary treatments

  • advice on the complexity and the unique interactions at the molecular and cellular levels related to specific treatments.