Liver Detox

It is a natural function of our body to rid itself of toxins. With age, genetic predispositions, environment and life habits the natural detoxification starts to slow down and malfunction. The Liver Detox program focuses on:
  • getting rid of accumulated toxins; and
  • supporting and re-launching the natural detox processes on a molecular level.

Standard Program:

Our standard Liver Detox program is developed to cleanse the body of organic toxins (usually obtained from tobacco and alcohol), as well as emotional toxins, created within the body as a result of stress, negative emotions and unbalanced sleeping patterns.

It involves consultation by a doctor and prescription of infusions and vitamin and anti-oxidant complexes. This is a five-day program with up to two hours a day at the clinic, with one-month support treatment package at home.

Personalized Program:

The personalized Liver Detox program involves complex laboratory diagnostics and multidisciplinary case examination. The goal is to understand, what specific toxins have been accumulated, where on the molecular level the natural detox systems are failing and what personalized treatment can be designed in the patient’s case to correct the dysfunctions and achieve a long-lasting positive effect.

The program’s examination protocol consists of the latest genetic and molecular diagnostics to look at genetic and biochemical reactions to examine how a patient’s body deals with the intake of harmful substances and stress. Depending on natural mutations, we are able to conclude which harmful substances are processed correctly and which substances are building up in unhealthy proportions. Our multidisciplinary team reviews the test results and develops personalized treatments to help the body release harmful substances more efficiently and cope with stress quicker. As human genetic makeup remains unchanged, a patient only needs to do the genetic test for liver detox once.

The program involves consultation by a doctor and prescription of the examination protocol with various biochemical and genetic tests. It takes about one or two days to collect the biological material for the tests. The test results are normally ready within four-five weeks after which a second doctor consultation takes place and treatment protocol is discussed. The treatment plan may include infusions at the clinic, as well as intake of medications and food supplements at home. The duration of the program depends on the length of the treatment protocol and results of control tests.