Genetic Sports Profile

Everybody knows that physical activity is key to leading a healthy lifestyle, feeling fresh, maintaining high energy and correcting weight. What many do not know is that a set of genetic and physiological factors determine optimal physical loads for each of us, which play an important role influencing our mood, strength and mental capacity. For some, it is optimal to run each day, for others yoga is the best sport, yet for others weight lifting may be recommended. Some people can do splits on a whim, for others it is going against their physiology. Some will have six-pack abs with a minimum effort; others will never do, no matter how hard they try. We are all unique and doing sports is no exception.

Acting against our nature often results in more negatives than positives for our health. The problem is that we may not know how our body is programmed and what is good to support it. Molecular and genetic sciences give us the needed answer.

Our Genetic Sports Profile program helps patients to discover a set of sports types and exercise loads that will be the most effective in supporting good health, achieving ultimate performance and good looks of the body. Depending on a patient’s molecular reactions during and after exercising, we will develop a personalized nutritional plan that will support the sports activities recommended for the patient.

This program is suitable for all levels of sport enthusiasts: from professional athletes to those who are just thinking of exercising.