Allergies are caused either by a genetic predisposition or gastrointestinal dysfunctions. Traditional treatments are based on anti-allergy drugs that suppress body reactions to the allergen. In other words, the drugs remove the symptom and not the cause of the allergy. RCLIN practices a different approach.

RCLIN’s Allergies program is designed to uncover what dysfunction leads to the allergy and offer treatment with a goal to remove the cause of the allergy in the long term. The program starts with a doctor consultation and prescription of an examination protocol comprising of 11 biochemical and genetic tests, which takes 2 days to complete. The results of the tests are normally available in 5 weeks, on the basis of which our international team of experts develops a personalized treatment protocol.

The treatment lasts from 6 to 12 months to achieve solid results, with regular doctor consultations and control tests.