About Us

RCLIN’s Clinic for Molecular Medicine forms part of RCLIN Group, headquartered in Switzerland, and is located in the most exclusive suburb of Kyiv, which is called “Koncha-Zaspa”. Koncha-Zaspa houses the state presidential and government residencies, and this is where the local rich and famous have their extravagant villas.

The Clinic

The Clinic for Molecular Medicine is an in- and outpatient facility based on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital. It opened its doors in 2006.


Every day since we are born, our body gets older and at a certain point requires more than just a balanced diet, a regular exercise and health enhancing environment. This is when molecular medicine provides the ultimate solution to delay aging, enhance health and support systems by rebalancing our molecular reactions and supplying our organism with missing nutrients and microelements.


The Clinic for Molecular Medicine is run by a seasoned management team and is supported by the expertise of RCLIN’s multidisciplinary team of international experts – medical doctors, bio scientists, and pharmacists.


RCLIN Group is an international business in the domain of life sciences, headquartered in Montreux, Switzerland. RCLIN Group was founded in 2002 and is owned by the Pruss Family.