Pollution Detox

Our Pollution Detox addresses toxins and natural detox processes related to our food, water, environment, as well as the use of domestic, cosmetic and beauty products.

Standard Program:

Our standard Pollution Detox program is developed to improve identification and removal of toxins as part of the natural detoxification of the body. It involves consultation by a doctor and prescription of infusions, vitamin and anti-oxidant complexes. This is a five-day program with up to two hours a day at the clinic, with a follow up at home with food supplements.

Personalized Program:

Our personalized Pollution Detox program is designed to:

  • identify the breaks of the natural detoxification processes on a molecular level;
  • determine which specific toxins and in what quantities have been accumulated;
  • see the genetic map of the detoxification system;
  • develop a personalized treatment protocol to remove the accumulated toxins and activate the enzymes of each phase of natural detoxification.

It involves consultation by a doctor and prescription of the examination protocol with various biochemical and genetic tests. It takes about one or two days to collect the biological material for the tests. The test results are normally ready within four-five weeks after which a second doctor consultation takes place and treatment protocol is discussed. The treatment plan may include infusions at the clinic, as well as intake of medications and food supplements at home. The duration of the program depends on the length of the treatment protocol and results of control tests.