Adults 60+

RCLIN’s Adults 60+ program is for patients aged 60 and above. After 60 people are in the period of life when most of the genetic coding gets into play on top of the accumulated health conditions. At this stage of life, standard treatments, healthy diet and sports are no longer sufficient to cope with the speed of health deterioration, which can create serious limitations on the quality of life. Our goal is to help patients to continue enjoying active lifestyles.

RCLIN’s Adults 60+ program is designed to support the proper functioning of the major health systems and prevention of aging diseases, such as: cardiovascular, cancer, chronic inflammation, gastrointestinal functions, and good sleep. The program starts with a doctor consultation and prescription of an examination protocol comprising of various biochemical and genetic tests, which takes 2 days to complete. The results of the tests are normally available in 5 weeks, on the basis of which our international team of experts develops a personalized treatment protocol. The treatment plan may include infusions at the clinic, as well as intake of medications and food supplements at home.

The treatment lasts minimum 12 months to achieve solid results, with regular doctor consultations and control tests.