Acne is a disease that causes physical and psychological discomfort, which for some people is a major barrier to self-confidence and fully enjoying their life.

We identify the following factors that may cause acne:

  • genetics;
  • diet
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • toxins
  • hormonal dysfunctions.

Standard Program:

Our standard Acne program is developed to provide quick and effective relief. It involves consultation by a doctor and prescription of a blood test, on the basis of which an RCLIN’s formulated facial medication and other treatments are prescribed. It requires two visits to our clinic.

Personalized Program:

Our personalized Acne program is designed to identify the underlying cause of acne. We only offer this program for adults (25+). It involves consultation by a doctor and prescription of the examination protocol with various biochemical and genetic tests. It takes about one or two days to collect the biological material for the tests. The test results are normally ready within four-five weeks after which a second doctor consultation takes place and treatment protocol is discussed. The duration of the program is between 6 and 12 months and depends on the length of the treatment plan and results of control tests.