Healthy Sleep

Why conventional treatments of sleep disorders are not effective? The answer is simple: treatments of sleep disorders are often limited to prescription of sleeping pills. Practically all sleeping pills are benzodiazine derivatives, which slow down the brain functions. Therefore, the sleep using benzodiazine pills is not natural and is much less effective than a natural night sleep. Besides, taking the sleeping pills could only be a temporary solution, as it does not cure insomnia and their continuous intake can lead to various side effects. The science has identified that the main reason for sleep disorders is a biochemical imbalance, which distorts the natural “sleep-wake” cycle.

The goal of RCLIN’s Healthy Sleep program is to identify and remove the biochemical disruptions that lead to sleep disorders. The most common causes of insomnias are:

  • hormonal imbalances;
  • disruption of biochemical reactions;
  • food intolerance.

The program involves consultation by a doctor and prescription of the examination protocol with various laboratory tests. It takes about one or two days to collect the biological material for the tests. The test results are normally ready within four-five weeks after which a second doctor consultation takes place and treatment protocol is discussed. The duration of the program depends on the length of the treatment protocol and results of control tests.