The Process

It is our commitment to provide our patients with access to the best medical knowledge and technology available today. We believe in a multifaceted approach to every case, combining the knowledge of world’s leading doctors, bio scientists, research and laboratory experts, as well as tailored advice by the nutritionists and pharmacists.

RCLIN’s strength lies in using the exclusive and most advanced laboratory diagnostic tests, a highly qualified international team of experts, excellent facilities and the production of personalized medications based on patient-unique formulas, developed by our team.

RCLIN’s process is based on pure science. Each organism is unique just like fingerprints, so this is why we develop personalized health programs that are uniquely created to match each patient’s needs.

We start with an examination of the patient’s genomic and biochemical mark-ups that have led or may lead to a disease in the near future. When we receive the test results, our team of doctors and biochemical scientists provide their treatment recommendations and produce a personalized medication formula for each specific patient’s health concern. Following these recommendations, our doctors team up with pharmacists to source a personalized medication following the patient specific formula, ensuring adherence to the highest pharmaceutical and food safety requirements.

Complicated patient cases are being discussed between RCLIN’s physicians and the international experts to come up with an optimal treatment approach. The medical advice by our team of experts is rendered in the form of expert recommendations and second opinions.

Over the past decade RCLIN has been offering patients of all ages exclusive programs beyond the traditional medical care. Our patients have access to programs that prevent many of the degenerating factors that lead to allergies, depression, overweight, fatigue, sexual disorders, digestive problems, headaches, and others.