Personalized Treatments

There is a lot of talk about personalized medicine. Nevertheless, for many it is still not clear what exactly it means. People often ask: “What is personalized treatment?” At RCLIN, the answer is very simple – it is a treatment that is designed for an individual patient based on the detailed examinations of the patient’s genetic, molecular and cellular compositions and interactions. Such treatments shall target the identified health problems in the most effective and health enhancing way. It is important to note, that the personalized treatment takes into account the particular state of health of the patient and individual biochemical interactions at a molecular level of the patient’s body.

Personalized medications and food supplements are primarily formulated based on natural substances (minerals and vitamins). They are personally selected or produced for each individual patient based on his or her personal health report. The form, substance and doses are individually determined by a doctor and are regularly revised and updated in the course of the treatment.

Personalized medications and food supplements, which form part of RCLIN’s personalized treatment protocols, are produced according to the patient specific formula either by RCLIN Group or its trusted suppliers. RCLIN Group’s manufacturing facility is run by RCLIN Pharma Ltd. and is located at Malta Life Sciences Park in San Gwann(, Malta. To complement our own production capabilities, we prescribe and recommend medications and food supplements from highly reputable pharmacies, compounding laboratories and pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies based in Switzerland, the EU and the United States.